Creation or correction of Brand Idea

There’s typical image of consumption century: the confused customer in front of the long store shelves puzzled with a choice problem… How to attract his attention to your product?


Brand is the main basic tool and an object of marketing specialists’ attention, as it’s distancing you from competitors. Generally it becomes because of the brand idea. In the hard competition conditions, the idea highlights the item from a great number of similar ones. The idea sells a product when advertising is limited to the budget or law framework.


The right idea works in itself and allows to simplify marketing communications, spending less for advance.


We can create the strong ideas as a basis for strong brands. Also, we can strengthen even the successful brand with a good sales history, having corrected the weak or unemotional idea.


It is considered that choosing a name we choose a destiny. It’s especially right in case of a trademark, if to consider the fate of goods to be sold as soon as possible. The name directly influences sales.


The name is what we regularly hear. We read it, we say it, and, what’s the most important, we remember it. The name verbalizes the brand idea and gives an emotional shade to a brand.


We create the name realizing the brand idea.
We consider all nuances: pronunciation convenience, all semantic shades, accord, rhythmic, transliteration, vacant position for registration in Nice Classification and a domain name. We check how does it look in different scale and how it will behave.


All of us appreciate beauty of forms, wishing to touch, to hold in hand… It’s right about any object, animate or inanimate.


First every customer notices a form, then color and other communications. The form makes a wish to take the item off the shelf.


We use our professional knowledge of package design, of glass and PET bottles production, of the latest engineering programs. It allows to create the unique, expressive and ergonomic forms, convenient both for the buyer, and for labeling, that are supporting of a brand communication and highlighting product among competitive.

Effective design

Design is the necessary tool for successful sales, and the good designer is a master who perfectly uses this tool. Designer is similar to the stylist, the tailor and the doctor together in one person. Design has to solve producer‘s problems.


We create high-quality design for leaders of the market. High professionalism, the way to think out all details, knowledge of the latest tendencies, innovative printing technologies and consumption psychology — all this allows us to stay ahead, and even to form trends. The highest mark of our work is commercial success of created brands.


Most of clients comes to us via recommendations, and stays with us for many years.

Corporate identity

The image of the market leader is impossible without communicative and visual image of the company.


We propose the professional help in development of corporate identity. Our knowledge and experience allow to create the complex decision considering a brand pyramid, positioning and communication strategy, not staying limited just to visual component of corporate style.


For convenience of marketing specialists and contractors, we present our recommendations in company brandbook, and offer maintenance for their most effective realization.


Corporate branding shouldn’t be updated frequently. Our concepts keep relevance long and have the potential for development during many years.

Marketing and promotion

When advertisements possibilities are limited so hard that it creates difficulties even for the most experienced marketing specialists — we find ways for a brand promotion using SMM & POS materials, creating news occasions and non-standard BTL actions.


We are ready to carry out promotion, offering the help of professional team which is guided in modern trends, can accomplish any difficult project, and will keep confidentiality, guaranteed by the official agreement.