Degrees for branding

You are here, that means you do care about your brand’s success. We share it with you.


ARMBRAND Effective Solutions is a skilled professional team specializing in consumer and corporate branding. We can help at all stages of a brand creation and development: working out the idea and positioning, searching for TM suitable niche, creation of name and unique selling proposition, designing an exclusive bottle form, modern high-quality package and label design, corporate identification and advertising materials.


We are fans of the work we are doing. Our main purpose is the commercial success of created brands.


Welcome to ambitious club of high-quality design amateurs.




Before actually getting down to business, we examine the store shelves. We benchmark the brands we create, comparing to competitors on the shelf. Our designs are always highlighted.


Our solutions are extraordinary. We are sure the future has already come, although it’s not a mainstream yet. We are always a step ahead.


We add value to brands. Under otherwise equal conditions, that’s the perceived brand benefits that motivate to buy the product.


Just like the right spices make a set of foodstuff a finest dish, emotions make a product a brand. Just like with spices, it's crucial to use right components. We appreciate emotional design.


We create ample brands. Our concepts are extensive enough for your brand's growing and developing. Wit our positioning and design trademark will never be kept within a limits.


Everything we are doing is done with loving care.
We never approach to work formally, contributing to every new project all the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm.


Creative Director

The studio founder. He is workaholic being keen on his business. He considers alcohol and perfume branding to be aerobatics. Being a total perfectionist, he’s extremely attentive to every little thing. He loves effective decisions, laconic and contrast design. He finely notices all the details and tendencies scarcely outlined. He considers the future has already come, just isn’t widespread.

He practices a Kung Fu and a free diving. Except the design, he could become a sommelier or tea tester.


Senior designer

He is the wizard who has passed on the rocky road of transformation from the culturologist with Master degree. Solving problems, he’s always cool and logical, at the same time he has a creative intuition and uses it perfectly. He is able to get the key part of the problem among the filled briefs.
He worked doing imposition of scientific publications so he sincere loves intensity grids, proportions and typographic.

He’s fan of good films and alternative music. He has a unique gift of fortunetelling using width of spaces.


Industrial designer

3D-genius, the sculptor working with a volume concept art, he has a considerable experience of object design. He is moderately careful and immoderately skeptical. He appreciates millimeters, milliliters and everything connected with actual and virtual volumes. No any other hobby exists for him — the work becomes a main interest for him always. The principal thing for design he considers expressiveness and relevance, and prefers simple tools to solve a problem.

The positive nihilist, ironic debater and verbal equilibrist, he's the life of the party.


Director of development

The Iron Lady, she coordinates team cooperative efforts. She's talented organizer with a Higher Education in psychology, knowing well how to work with people and loving to do it. Being purposeful and strong-willed, she's precise and firm in a critical situation.

Professional photographer, she has been working as a top manager in the large Moscow company, the publisher of the fashion magazine, the Vietnamese martial art coach, the leader in children's summer camp. Basketball is her favourite sport.


Graphic Designer

Illustration is his hobby that has become a profession. The skills of working with the different art tools let him carry out any challenge. Mastery and wacom are his main weapon. Self-critical, he likes to look into details, but appreciates the time. Achieving the goal, he appreciates not the speed, but the way.

He’s mature maximalist. He considers that perfection can be reached — it needs just one more day after a deadline.



He is expert on negotiations and contracts and likes high commission. He has an experience of work with alcohol products and branding services sales. Being able to identify good design, he understands that it’s much more marketable — so, he wants to work together with us for mutual benefit.

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Since her childhood she loves to read books, appreciates words' beauty and remembers by heart many favourite fragments. Her text compositions were the best in school. She sharply feels alliterations, accords and metaphors. Fun of style and grammatical constructions, she loves to turn the ideas, images and mood – to the words. She speaks English, Spanish and French.

She loves walking, new countries discovery, communication in different languages, long travel, mountains and the seas, J. R. R. Tolkien and her friends.



Master of delicious images, she combines photo-realism and idealism, creating food masterpieces that look more tastier than originals. Being real fond of careful detailing, she could go to a microcosm. She keeps the graphic tablet under her pillow. Her hobby is plastic products models.

She loves warm climate, avocado, drums and different little things in the world around. The name of her perfect Rhodesian ridgeback is, of course, Brandy.