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Cutting Edge Marketing Tools for Spirits and Liquors Brands

Tough spirits advertising constraints in most post-soviet countries make any marketer feel awkward. We are sure, advertising isn’t the only way to make audiences talk about your brand. Legislative bans lead to hackneyed and cliched ads, while their performance is not easy to evaluate. Any promotional effort shall go in line with the brand values and identity.

The most fortunate option is to precondition promotional moves when the brand is conceived. When developing brand platform and idea, we account for the communicative and advertising potential of any brand.

Digital marketing straight away became one of the most effective communication tools. It’s getting harder and harder to determine marketing messages among the daily chit-chat. Now audiences are the content creators, and we simply cannot control those messages. Only when guided by brand identity, can a brand develop and follow a consistent brand policy.

Real-life communications allow for more prominent statements: brands influence opinion leaders during special events, engage in word-of-mouth promotional activities, or create unconventional POS materials.

We perceive liquors promotion hinderances as a creativity trigger: every time we are to find a decision off the beaten track which would follow the brand identity and comply with the regulatory requirements. We make people talk about brands.


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