We Develop Names that Make Brands out of Trademarks

A strong brand is a whole avalanche of emotions. It’s nice if customers plunge into the avalanche as soon as they hear the brand name.

That’s an outcome everyone should strive for. Though it’s not easy to attain. A brand name should be associated with the product, however remain unique, protectable and reasonably unconventional. Lastly, there’s a billion of names, and wherever your mind flows, it can run into a bottle with the same name on the label.

A reliable naming scheme from ARMBRAND

When you say SKYY, you mean glamour. Strong brand’s name is its quintessence.

We have developed our own naming system which encompasses five stages: screening of relevant semantic fields, generation of potential names, their registrability verification, examination of their linguistic accuracy and its application in practice. It allows us to consider all possible obstacles on the way to an effective name. That is, to a name which differentiates the brand, engages the customer in a conversation and starts to tell the brand story. Besides, the system allows us to adjust the naming process to the solution of your tasks.

However creative or simple the process might appear — well, it doesn’t seem extremely difficult a task to envision a couple of words — there’s a consistent procedure behind naming. A proper name shall bring in much more money than you might spend on trusting professionals in its creation.




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