Balanced Blend of Aesthetics and Technology in Label and Packaging

Packaging is the last although the most promising opportunity to sell your product. About 80% of buying decisions are taken directly at the shelf. According to some research, nearly same amount is solely guided by emotions.

Our designs solve your tasks

Eventually, books are judged by covers, whatever people say.

Packaging design is, first and foremost, a marketing tool and shall position the product into a certain price segment and for certain target audiences.The abundance of various designs on the shelf makes it difficult for the customer to concentrate, while for the producer it becomes a stumbling block inducing a compromise between aesthetics and utilitarianism.

We confined ourselves to the design of spirits, perfumes and waters particularly because this seemingly narrow sphere is full of peculiarities which can have a decisive role in brand’s success or failure. Good painting skills or the aesthetic feeling are certainly not enough — one should know the market, design communicative potential and realize the bottle manufacturing technical possibilities. That’s why we do not engage ourselves in ephemeral creativity — we solve tasks and create design concepts with strong potential.




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